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We are a team comprised of experienced and reliable staff whose aim is to provide you with compelling services

Our Services & Expertise


With IT consulting we help you digitalize operations, automate process, and optimize the work flow, using the latest technologies.


Using the best softwares in the market such as Solidworks, AutoCAD, CATIA along with 3D printing and scanning, we can create photo-realist images for presentation or build prototypes for manufacturing.


With high skilled and experienced personal in the recruiting area, we specialize in recruiting technical and professional staff, specially in the IT field.


Having at our disposal several programming languages such as: .NET, C++, C#, Python, Java, we build the must suitable solutions for our clients needs.

Research and Training

We are constantly improving ourselves researching new technologies to provide the best ideas for our customers. We also have a Training center providing courses preparing and improving the skills of those enrolled

Design & Online Maketing

Exposure you brand, products and services with our wide design solutions. Webdesign, graphic design, advertising and more for the best experience to your customers. 


About us.

Who we are.

"Shaping the future" is what drives Aliena Corporation.
We founded our company aiming to create and apply solutions for difficulties and issues that several companies faces.
With members specialized and experienced on several fields such as: Engineering, Architecture, Marketing, Design, Consulting, Programming and Human Resources, we are confident with the services provided.


We Provide Our Customers with the Highest Quality Service.

Successful Projects


Satisfied Clients


Safe Choice & Mighty Business.

Partners with  Microsoft and Autodesk, two of the best know companies in the world, we offer security and professionalism that only companies like them can offer.

Safe Choice & Mighty Business.